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The new subsidiary of Gosimat has opened its doors this September, in Pontault-Combault, Paris, with a showroom, offices and a warehouse.

The establishment of a physical space in France arises due to a high growth regarding the commercial trades with this country, currently the main export destination of Gosimat. Despite the fact that France represents already 40% of Gosimat's invoicing, it also bears an extremely high growth potential that can now be exploited in a more direct and advantageous way for both the company and its clients.

Gosimat France has a permanent stock of several models and dimensions of pocket frames and systems for sliding doors from its brand OPENSPACE, providing to its customers a more efficient service and a fastest response. On the other hand, it also bets on the customization and on the fabrication under measure of its products and solutions, taking into account the preferences and necessities of each client. 

The opening of Gosimat France provides a greater closeness to its clients, allowing better delivery times, a more professional customer care, a more effective technical and after sale service and a greater control of the transactions made in the country, ensuring the product quality. 

With a privileged location on the periphery of Paris, Gosimat France complements the investment and the international suistainable growth policy, adopted by the mother house a long ago and reinforces the global positioning of the company.

21 Route de Paris RN4
77340 Pontault-Combault
Paris - France

Tel.: (+33) 1 60 29 67 91                   
Mob.: (+33) 6 78 69 47 05

Email: commercial@gosimatfrance.fr   


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